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5 Responses to Serenna

  1. diazs says:

    i loved the story because i had a goblin as well.
    how did you get the inspiration?
    is better if you put a bit more of fronted adverbials

  2. georgia says:

    i love your story i especially liked the part when the goblin screamed nearly the whole world could hear him.
    Why did you choose the characters to be you and your sister.
    you could improve your story by telling us how she found the key or where she found it.

  3. darlene says:

    Nice font, what kind of homework did you do? you could improve by adding more connectives.

  4. Javena says:

    I loved your story because when Serenna was falling down the well she was missing out her birthday and Serenna sang a song it made me laugh!
    How did you get your characters name?
    You could maybe next time improve the colour of you paragraphs like how only the top of you paragraph is a colour why cant you make the whole paragraph coloured so it looks more eye-catching!

  5. byerj says:

    i like the prat when you said about the goblin had pan on it made me and my mummy lrfe

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